News Quiz

After reading the "How To Manual", complete the following:

1. Explain the following as they relate to WHAT IS NEWSWORTHY:
2. What are the 5 W's and H? Give examples of each to explain.
3. What is a hook? Give an example.
4. Ideally, you will have both facts and emotion in your story. Which one of those elements is contained in the voice over?
5. How do we present the other element to the audience?
6. You must get background information before you do your on-camera interviews. How many questions will you ask your subject on-camera?
7. How many different shots do you need to make 90 second story interesting?
8. How much B-roll (how many minutes of B-roll footage) should you get in order to have enough to put your story together?
9. What must you use for all of your shot?
10. What does it mean to "narrow the focus of your story?"
11. What does it mean to "balance your report?"
12. Where should the reporter be standing in a stand up?
13. Besides tagging out with his name and station, what else does the reporter need to say in his stand up?
14. Get the right person to interview. Do you need an "expert" or a "man on the street (M.O.S.)?"
  • Give 2 possible interview subjects for each of the following news stories:
15. Soundbites (SOTs) are for passion, emotion, feeling. Voiceover (VO) is for "just the facts ma'am," not your opinion. What is the best sound bite in the following interview response?
Louistown Basketball Coach Jack Hoopster:
"I've coached this team for 10 years now and this is the first time we've made it this far in the tournament. I'm looking forward tour next game against Kansas. They knocked us out of the tournament last year. My boys are practically foaming at the mouth to get on the court with Kansas. They've had a whole year to think about this game and they won't go down without a fight."
  • Now, using the facts from that sound bite, write a voice over to introduce the coach in your story before he says your sound bite.

16. SOUND BITES (SOTs) - .50-year old Betsy Wetsy:
"Hockey is great exercise. It's very aerobic because we're skating all the time. Our team is small, so everybody gets alot of ice time. It's exciting to be out there on the ice with the crowd yelling. My kids are the loudest. They get that from me. I hope to be playing hockey until they pry the skates off my cold, dead feet. That's how much I love it."
  • Pick 2 separate SOTs from what Betsy said. Then write around them. You don't have to start or end the story, just write around her 2 sound bites in the middle of it.
    SOT 1
    SOT 2
    17. What's a better news story?
    A. Dog bites man
    B. Man bites dog
    18. Why is it a better news story?
    19. If you find that your story has 2 interesting angles, not just one, what should you do?
    • Do two separate stories

    • Put both angles in one: 50 second story
    20. What's the logic behind your choice in question 4?
    21. Why do you need to keep your interview and stand up sites secure?
    22. Always have a plan B when you go out on a story. You're going to the Food Fair to do a story on classic New England Dishes. When you get there, you see that the health department has closed the New England food booth. What do you do?
    23. What part of your news story do you put on paper first when you start writing your script?
    A. sound bites
    B. voice over
    A good reason to write out your sound bites word for word as you log your video, is to look for something to paraphrase as a way to introduce a SOT.
    24. The story is about creating chocolate desserts that are 3-dimensional art. Here is a short SOT, but still too long for a:50 second story. Choose a part of it to use in your story, then paraphrase the rest of it to introduce your chosen SOT. Try to use all the information available here and write out a VO followed by a SOT from JoJo. Remember to introduce him by name and occupation.
    Veteran Chef JoJo Cocoa:
    "The chocolate needs to be the right temperature to mold and build a sculpture. It takes experience. When you first start working with chocolate sculptures, you can expect a few crashes (ha,ha,ha). But heck, even the chunks still taste good."
    25. The story: Jezebel Jones of Jocktown is a 12-year-old tennis player. She's never lost a match to any woman under 30. Tomorrow she plays an exhibition match at Madison Square Garden in a charity tournament for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Her older sister suffers from MD. New opponent is veteran tennis star Martina Navratilova, age 40. Your story airs at 6pm tonight, a day before the match.
    "I've been watching video of her. She's awesome! I'm kinda nervous. I probably won't win the match, but I hope I win some games. Geez, I hope I win some points! The money we raise for MDA is really what's important. I want my sister to play with me some day. I'm excited to play at the Garden. It's so big. My whole family is coming."
    • Pick 2 separate SOTs from what Jezebel said. Then write around them. You don't have to start or end the story, just write around her 2 sound bites in the middle of it.
    SOT 1
    SOT 2

    Remember, choosing your sound bites first is the way to go.

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