Program Overview


As you know, journalism is about change, recording it and acting onit. The FoxCT Student News' program has recently implementedchanges to help students better prepare for multi platformjournalism, both for college and the job market.

The Details

* We will use one of the highest visibility platforms in the state,, to showcase the work of the students. Using the weballows us to add to the information in the stories.

* No longer will students be limited to a 50 second news story. Nowthey will be able to tell their stories using three distinctiveformats, text, video, and pictures.

* Students journalist who previously had only worked in print orstills can now be integrated into this program.
* We've redesigned ourStudent News page in order to make it a destination for newsby, for and about Connecticut students.

* Each story will have its own unique page with a URL students,parents or schools can post to social media like Facebook, Twitteror Google +.

Students will submit stories that will meet the followingrequirements:
* Video up to 90 seconds uploaded to a dedicated YouTubeaccount
* Up to 10 photos, with captions, uploaded to a dedicated photosharing service
* Minimum 200 word text story that includes links to the subjectmatter

We urge new teachers and schools to participate in thisprogram.

For further questions regarding FOX CT Student News, contact Newsin Education at 860-241-3847 or email Send Mail.

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