What if it rains on my wedding day?

They (whoever “they” are) say rain on your wedding day is good luck; well try telling that to the dripping wet bride! Rain on the big day might sound like the worst thing ever but with the right provisions and preparations it doesn’t have to be a wash out.

Have a plan in anticipation of rain to get you from point A to point B without looking like a drowned cat. Make sure you have many large umbrellas on hand (the larger the better), a raincoat and a backup pair of shoes. These simple items can make rain just a small nuisance rather than a complete disaster.

If the wedding service or reception is planned for outdoors, always have an alternate venue in case of rain or inclement weather. What should be a balmy 70-degree day could turn into an unseasonably chilly 60-degree day; Mother Nature has no rules and never offers any guarantees. There are attractive tents (also known as MARquees) that are beautiful, but they  cannot be erected on a moment’s notice; they will need to be organized and built beforehand.

Some of the best weddings I have attended have been rainy ones. I will never forget standing with a delicious glass of champagne under a magnificent white tent watching the rain fall as we all huddled together until the rain stopped. It brought an intimacy and lighthearted feeling that otherwise would not have taken place. I met many people at that wedding who are wonderful friends.

So plan ahead, and then rain can be good luck after all!

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