We really don't need any of the traditional bridal registry items, so can we ask for things we really need?

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Yes, yes and yes!

If you have been living with your fiancé, chances are you already have items for your home. Not everyone needs a new set of wine glasses, cutlery or a dinner set unless you want to revamp what you use to entertain for large groups - and if that’s the case, call me with an invitation!  Even if you don’t own these things you might not be interested in acquiring them as they don’t always go with everyone’s lifestyle. Most large retailers offer bridal registries. Shopping on Web sites also allows you to choose items from many stores.  I have never met a gift giver who doesn’t want to give something that will actually be used and appreciated. A vase from Tiffany might be something the gift giver wants to give, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

A new camera, TV or large appliance might be a better gift for you.  It’s OK to put a few big-ticket items like that on your registry. However, we’ve all seen registries that make us think , “I don’t even have one myself and now I have to buy it for her?” So here’s the tip to avoid the whispers of “Who are they kidding?” Simply get the word out that gifts can be given as a group; be clear that you are not expecting one person to purchase a big-ticket item. Also let guests know that if they are not able to coordinate a group for giving one of these items you would be happy to receive a gift card to help take a bite out of the purchase price. Be sure to list gift card on the registry.

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