I would like to do my own flower arrangements and bouquets but am concerned they won't look professional. Any ideas?

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Well you have come to right man! I believe that the bride-to-be’s hands can certainly achieve designer quality flower arrangements! The first step in floral arrangements is to choose your color. Be sure it complements the palette you have selected for your bridesmaids’ dresses and any other colors represented in your wedding day look.

Don’t be afraid of color; this is a great opportunity to incorporate a pop of bright into your white-filled day. Once you have selected your color don’t feel as though you have to limit yourself to one type of flower. Use multiple “breeds” in the same color scheme to create dimension and originality.

A sMARt tip is to remove all leaves to give your flowers a spare, modern vibe. For arrangements, use opaque vases so you don’t have to stress about the look of the stems. Place a band of thick grosgrain ribbon the same color as the flowers around the vase and—Voila!—you have a professional looking but inexpensive table setting.

Use the same types of flowers for the bride’s bouquet and the posies for the bridesmaids. Arrange the blossoms into a round, even shape before cutting the stems straight across, and tie with the same grosgrain ribbon and presto - a bouquet that looks like the work of a pro!

Practice makes perfect, so it’s a great excuse to ask that husband-to-be to bring home some flowers today.

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