Should I elope?

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I’ll be honest here, if you need the cash, think your parents won’t approve or find yourself in Vegas dancing the night away with George Clooney, then what the heck, go for it! But if you do go down this road, I do recommend a small ceremony when you return for the special people in your life. By doing this you are also extending the festivities. Having a small gathering upon your return allows you to celebrate with those you love and take some meaningful photographs commemorating the festive occasion.  If not, you might find yourself years later questioning or wondering about the details of that so-called “day you got married. “ You deserve more and so does your spouse.

A wedding can be a beautiful occasion that everyone will remember for decades so ask yourself, “why?” before you even consider eloping.  Why is this even an option for you? Parents, in-laws, friends, co-workers and even neighbors, would love to help celebrate your special day.  The planning is intoxicating, the ceremony is touching, and the reception is a fun party for all.  And let’s not forget about that open bar not to mention all the loot! That alone is a good incentive to have a wedding.

Stress will come and go and no doubt planning a wedding can put you in a tizzy. Truth be told, taking this away from those closest to you will require some answers so be prepared to go down that road---ask for help. Depriving others of the memories and the glory of enjoying the special day may be considered rude and unthinkable to some. But only you can decide after you have weighed the pros and cons of eloping versus having a wedding. In the end, it is a private event and in my book, always worthy of an affair to remember. So, regardless how you choose to celebrate, you must celebrate! 

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