Mar, Who Comes With Me To Pick The Dress?

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Make sure your dress says, “amazing” before you say, “I do”. The search is on for the perfect dress.  So who are you going to call to help? It must be a good friend you trust, who will tell you the truth, good or bad and understands your sense of style.

It’s all about the dress so you have to love it regardless of anyone else and that includes your new spouse. Never take your “intended” with you unless he has amazing taste and style. He’s not supposed to see the dress until the wedding day anyway so you might want to reconsider even if your man is a fashionista, like Tim Gun. He, however, would be a great choice.  

Once you have narrowed down the options to your top 3, then you can invite mother, mother-in-law, sister or whomever else you feel might enjoy the experience. Make sure that you are confident with any of the final contenders being “the one” as including others implies that you value their opinions. Once the 3 dresses have been presented and everyone puts their 2 cents in, sleep on it and make the final selection the following day. That way, even with your posse in tow, you will not be put on the spot or feel any pressure.

Remember that although it is a very important decision, this is a fun and fabulous task and should be enjoyed and savored.  Hopefully it will be the only wedding dress you’ll ever have!

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