I was inspired by the royal wedding. Can I copy Kate's dress?

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I, too, was inspired, as the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was an amazing and memorable event. Many designers are already replicating Kate’s dress. I personally would steer clear of a copy. Instead of duplicating the exact dress, take some key elements from it and the overall look of the day and incorporate those details into something that suits you. Try to think about what exactly you liked about the day, versus “Where can I get that!?” What was it about the way the dress fit? The style of the bouquet? The type of music? It is your day, not hers, and you don’t want to look back years later and be disappointed by your lack of creativity.

Many styles can be adapted from Kate’s gown. The lace bodice with plunging neckline can used with an A-line dress and the bodice would work well with a sleeveless style. These are just a few variations of the Alexander McQueen dress that can serve as a blueprint for you.

Another idea is to change ensembles for the reception and party, as Kate did.  This trend is becoming more popular. Having a train for your ceremony is romantic and grand but might be a bit cumbersome for the rest of the day. Changing into something more modern also allows you to enjoy your party without someone walking on your dress. Yikes - don’t you hate when that happens? This doesn’t mean you must change. It’s just another option.

You could also adapt the bouquet. Kate used flowers indigenous to the UK. You too can select flowers which grow naturally in your area at the time of the year you are getting married. You could also have a veil reminiscent of hers: long, flowing with embroidery at the edges and held in place a by a delicate tiara.  You knew I was going to mention the tiara!

The bottom line? Use the royal wedding as your inspiration only. On you’re wedding day you’re the only “royalty” people should be looking at.

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