I Just Got Engaged What Do I Do Next?

Special to CTGetsMarried.com

Aside from squealing, jumping up and down and flashing your newly blinged-out ring finger, you have to calm yourself down and discuss timing with your darling partner. 

In my opinion, any wedding scheduled more than 24 months out is a questionable marriage commitment.  Is this ring a “diamond engagement ring” or a “ring with a diamond in it”? These are two completely different scenarios. It’s best to get clarification of the intention to seal the deal or to buy some time. 

Assuming the former, put a large calendar on your refrigerator. This works for two great reasons:

1-    You know you have to eat
2-    You know you’re getting married soon and it will remind you to eat less

Make important decisions: where to live, what to keep, banking accounts, pet migration, just to mention a few. All of these are fundamental issues that need to be sorted out or at least agreed upon before the big day. Romance is what brought you to this wonderful place in your life but the logistics are what will keep it going strong and healthy. Take care of the essentials… then “rock” on!

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