I Have Allergies... Are Silk Flowers Okay?

Special to CTGetsMarried.com

Yikes! As an avid gardener, this is going to be hard for me to write, but yes, silk flowers or even dried flowers are perfectly acceptable.  If you have allergies to flowers, why spoil your make-up when faux flowers can be just as beautiful and breathtaking if done correctly.  

Here’s the deal. Buy only from high-end local shops or online.  Ask for a sample before you purchase anything in large quantities.  Use the same budget that you would have used for real flowers so that you can get the best quality. That way, they will last forever. They make great keepsakes for your bridal party and you will have no extra expense preserving your bouquet.

If you go faux, upgrade the vessel, the ribbons and any other accents you may add to the bouquet.  After all you won’t be tossing them out.  They will photograph beautifully as if they were real. Years later you will look back and only remember how breathtaking the flowers were.  Only you will know they weren’t the real deal.  I’ll keep your secret.

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