I have a little budget does that mean i have to have a little wedding?

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Just because you have a small budget does not mean you have to have a small wedding. It just requires you to be more resourceful. 

Have your wedding at your home or at a friend or family member’s house. Consider having the wedding on a day other than Saturday. Many venues offer better pricing for Thursday, Friday or Sunday receptions.

Make your own bouquets. Beautiful flowers don’t need a lot done to them. Look online or go to the library and get a book on flower arranging. You will be surprised at what a wide piece of white silk ribbon and a few straight pins can do for a bunch of flowers!

Also, who says the honeymoon has to take place right after the wedding. You can plan to take it later in the year when you have had the chance to save. Or take a road trip and stay at a small B&B’s or boutique hotel. Most offer good rates in the off season.

The dress: Consider the price vs. the fact that your wedding gown will only be worn once. Borrow rather than buy. Stunning wedding gowns can be rented for approximately $100 at many bridal salons. To find a bridal shop in your area that rents wedding gowns, the best place to start is your local yellow pages directory. Renting a wedding gown is not as unheard of as you'd think! Or, have your dress made if you are looking for a sophisticated dress with a simple silhouette. Patterns can be purchased for under $20 at sewing shops and there are lots of choices available for reasonably priced fabrics. Find a local dressmaker to sew it for you and voila, you have a custom dress!

Basically, if you keep things beautiful but simple, you will end up with the day you have dreamt of as well as having the satisfaction of knowing that you put it all together yourself. What an accomplishment!

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