Heel or no heel, that is my question!

The shoes one wears on her wedding day are almost as—if not just as—important as the dress itself. So it brings us to the question of heels vs. flats (or somewhere in between). Most women feel sexier and more confident in heels but what if wearing heels means you are towering over your mate? Or what if you hate wearing heels but without them would not be able to reach your spouse to give him the ceremonial kiss?

Whatever you choose, the shoes have to look amazing with the dress you have chosen, but you have to have just a tiny bit of practicality too. If you typically wear heels and are most comfortable wearing them then go for it, and I love you for that. But if you are someone who is likely to topple in the wrong shoe then sporting a pair of 4-inchers down an aisle…well, I’ll give you credit but you might be asking for trouble!

Truth be told, if you are wearing a long gown your shoes are not going to get much show time. Please don’t misunderstand, as this does not mean you should wear your Converse sneakers. But it does mean you don’t have to tear your hair out finding the absolute perfect shoe. Also, consider the fact that you will be on your feet for a fair amount of the day and probably into the night. You want to be somewhat comfortable and not dying to take those Cinderella glass slippers off every time you think no one is looking. That would be the worse thing for anyone to see, and trust me people will see, regardless of how discrete you think are. 

The wedding shoe has been updated far beyond the dye-to-match variety or simple white satin pump. You might be able to find a gorgeous shoe that you actually could even wear again. Now that’s a great idea. There are many web sites that offer free shipping and returns, so traipsing around the malls to find your size can be a thing of the past—let your fingers do the walking. The right shoe is out there but don’t take it too seriously. You have just agreed to spend the rest of your life with someone, and I’m sure he won’t care what your feet are wearing. I, however, will; so it’s a good thing you’re not MAR-rying me.

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