Do I have to hire a team of beauticians for my wedding day?

It’s obviously important to get makeup and hair right. You have the dress, the shoes, the partner and hopefully the venue, so what about that skin and hair? OMG let’s not forget that photos last forever.

If you are most comfortable doing hair and makeup yourself, go right ahead. There is no law that says you have to pay obscene amounts of money for someone to do what you are happy to do yourself. But if getting a perfect look, like the one you saw in that bridal magazine, is of grand importance then get a small team of beauticians together.

If you are getting married in or near your hometown you probably already have a hair stylist; ask if he or she is available. Even if your stylist works at a salon he or she might be able to break away if you book far enough in advance and are willing to pay a bit more. If you are getting married out of town you’ll need to do a bit of research and make a trip for a full test run. Even with your regular stylist you want to be sure you are on the same page in regards to length, color and style and have a trial run.

Notice I keep saying “early”; the biggest beauty mistake brides make is leaving these decisions until too late in the planning process. Treat your “look” as you would your menu and dress—you wouldn’t leave those to days before, would you?

Regarding makeup there are quite a few options. In fact, if you want to try to do your own makeup many department store beauty counters are happy to give complimentary lessons - for your bridesmaids, too. If you are a gal who needs makeup to hide less-than-perfect skin, getting skincare advice months in advance can mean less work for you or your artist on the wedding day, and give you a confidence boost, too.

If makeup and hair is not a skill set you feel you have mastered, leave it to the pros. You don’t want to get this wrong. When you visit the makeup counters ask if they give free lessons. And ask your hairdresser to refer you to a makeup artist in the area. That said, a trial run is a must and colors, style and the time it will take cannot be left to be decided on The Day. Plan ahead, as it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark!

Having your hair and makeup done on the day should be a time for you to relax, have a glass of bubbly, and a chat with good friends and enjoy being pampered. If you have chosen to do it yourself it should still be a time set aside to be enjoyed. Be sure to leave plenty of time, practice in advance and double check that you have all of the products that you will need plus a few back ups.  Maybe hold off on the glass of bubbly until you have your look perfected, then sit down, sip and revel in your beauty.

Whether you are doing it yourself or have hired a professional don’t stray too much from your daily look. You just want to enhance your natural beauty. You don’t want anything too dramatic and uncharacteristic and you also want the look to be timeless. As fabulous as the beehive and cat eye look might be, it’s best to stay away from being too trendy. Keep it simple, keep it classic and you are well on your way to an amazing day and to photos you can look back on with blissful delight!

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