DJ or band at my wedding reception or can "we" do this ourselves?

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Music is an integral part of our lives. My early ice skating days evolved around picking just the right music that would be both uplifting and inspiring while pleasing the judges.  Today when I hear Les Miserables, “On My Own” I still can’t help to relive those skating moves and remember that awful skating outfit I wore. What was I thinking? The music will forever be memorable but the skating outfit, well not so much.

When it comes to weddings, if you plan to have dancing at your reception it does seem that it is a given to hire a DJ or band. But in today’s modern world of technology this does not have to be your only choice. Technology is accessible and user-friendly so why not do it yourself? Since you will have total control of what music will be played, you won’t have any cheesy “shout outs,” and there is no band to feed and no breaks with elevator music piped in.

Before making your decision you’ll need to check with the venue to see what kind of music system they have and if it is compatible with an iPod or other device. If you are using an iPod you can break down your music into different playlists to use at different times during the evening, i.e. cocktail hour, dinner tunes, first dance and then party time! A tip: If you try this and are planning on speeches during the evening, make sure the venue can give you a microphone.

Let’s say you are technologically challenged or just really like the idea of having a DJ or band lead the evening then get ready to write a big check. Always make sure you choose your band/DJ wisely and hear them at work if possible. You want to be on same page regarding to timing, different styles of music and how you want your event to go off. Always ask how much microphone time will take place, and what they require for breaks and refreshments.

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