Cake in the face, a do or a don't?

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I see so many newly married couples standing happily in front of their beautiful wedding cake surrounded by their carefully selected guests and then the next thing you know - cake in the face!

Yikes! Is that really what you want to do after you have spent hours (and hard earned cash) on your makeup, hair and dress, not to mention the cake itself?

Where did this crazy idea come from? Cutting and feeding each other cake is a very old tradition that was intended to be a “tender” display of devotion. Smashing cake into each other's face is a complete contradiction to the custom.

A gentler approach is to carefully feed each other a small bite of the cake and share a gentle kiss afterward to seal the unspoken promise to take care of one another in the coming years. Never, ever smash a cake, cupcake, donut or anything else in anyone’s face. It’s just not fitting!

Hopefully, understanding the origins of the cake moment will help you decide. My opinion is to absolutely, categorically, by no means and under no circumstances smash “anything” into the face of your bride or groom! What you do on your honeymoon behind closed doors -- well that’s up to you.

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