Any original party favors ideas?

OK, I’ll take a sugared almond any day, but let’s try something a little more original and fun! There are endless options; it might take a little more time but how rewarding to give something that truly reflects who you are as a couple.

There are no limits when it comes to choosing wedding favors. Give your guests whatever best expresses your appreciation and interests. Think flowers! Not only do floral favors make great takeaways for your guests, but they can also ease the load on your budget, doubling as centerpieces for the tables at your reception.

I once attended a destination wedding and the party favor was a beautiful monogrammed leather luggage tag. I still have it on my suitcase and it reminds of that special wedding. Another idea is to make a donation in honor of each guest to a charity you hold dear - what a wonderful way to share your interests with those who are sharing your special day.

Other options are candies, cookies and chocolates. They're low maintenance - unless you're baking your own cookies - and delicious to gobble down.

Presentation is everything. Like the tokens themselves, the display doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Something as simple as embellishing clear bags with printed fabrics elevates mere candy to something special. Likewise, placing pots of flowers at varying heights on a plate stand turns simple gifts into a grand gesture, while innovative wrapping lets you delight with little more than paper and ribbon. Consider a more interactive arrangement, such as a sweets station where your guests can assemble their own bright boxes of chocolate. Yum yum.

Two web sites I use often for party items are, which does a great job with personalized treasures and pre- made and packaged favors. The second is, which is a great source for the presentation part of the favor.

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