Wedding Installations: Art galleries offer a unique venue with its own distinct décor already in place

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Galleries are places to celebrate artists and their work. But they can be the perfect creative haven to celebrate a wedding.

The décor is already in place; all you need are the guests, food and drinks, and music.

Most galleries that allow weddings are more than willing to let clients adapt their vision freely.

“It doesn’t take much to make our space amazing, but if someone has a vision, we allow them to achieve it,” says Suzi Molak, director of the Long View Gallery in Washington, D.C. Molak says that couples with more moderns tastes are likely to go for a gallery reception.

“The modern couple is always looking for unique wedding venues,” says Karen Pecora, a wedding planner based in Philadelphia. “An art gallery is perfect for a couple looking for a non-traditional location to host a wedding reception.”

One of the biggest benefits to housing a reception in a gallery is displaying a unique look without compromising a pre-existing color scheme.

“Most galleries are white-walled buildings with color infused via the artwork,” says Pecora. “This works for almost any wedding color scheme in all seasons.”

Adds Molak: “No one is confined by the color of our carpets, the in-house ballroom chairs or the wall color.

“We had one bride who hung tables from our ceiling, and another who turned our modern space into a classic farm-table-and-chandelier affair,” she says.

Utilizing different types of galleries can help a couple develop a theme based on what an artist has already concocted.

“We once worked with a couple who was at a gallery that was showing all colored blown-glass sculptures,” says Pecora, the Philadelphia planner. “This was fun because the colors were vibrant and we could incorporate many styles of glass vases on the guest tables.”

Art gallery receptions may seem like a strictly urban affair, but Pecora says she’s currently working with a couple in a smaller Pennsylvania town who plan to have their ceremony on the grounds of their chosen gallery before moving indoors for drinks and dancing. Utilizing outdoor space is one of the advantages to an art gallery reception outside the city.

Whether urban or rural, art gallery receptions a great way of letting local art inspire an overall look while still letting a wedding remain unique to the bride and groom.

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