New Takes On Guest Books

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All guests have been prodded through the guest book line before. Instead of a simple book, though, here are some alternative ways to make your guest book fun for guests to participate in and a memorable keepsake for you for years to come.


Have guests write messages on regular old Jenga tiles and stack into a Jenga stack!


Buy a plate, use a porcelain pen for guests to write messages and bake for 30 minutes. It will be permanent.


Make or buy a fabric quilt and supply your guests with markers. Making the quilt could be a great task for bridesmaids.

Polaroid pictures

Grab some Polaroid cameras and set up a space where guests snap photos and write notes. The collection will make a great keepsake or decoration for the couple’s new home together.

Decorative stones

Grab some decorative stones from a craft store and provide permanent pens/markers for your guests to sign.

Sign Anything

Instead of signing a book, sign anything else you can display. Perhaps it’s a piece of artwork you’re looking to get framed, a poster of a favorite movie, or a book.


Hit two birds with one stone by asking guests to sign on the day of their birthday. You’ll have the birthdays of all your favorite people in one place!

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