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If there’s been a recent trend in spirits, it’s the confectionary-flavored vodka, everything from whipped cream to marshmallow. Now we can add to that list of flavors perhaps the most iconic dessert of all: wedding cake.

Yeah, yeah, we know … you can drink it, too!

Wedding Cake is newest (and ninth overall) flavor from Pearl Vodka, part of St. Louis-based producer/distributor Luxco Brands. The five-times-distilled vodka is infused with the flavors of a classic wedding cake – vanilla almond cake with rich buttercream frosting.

So, how does it taste?

Well, I can say it certainly is sweet. Then again, I tend to stick to beer and wine, and when I do drink spirits I like them the exact same way Don Draper does on “Mad Men” – big and brown. Pearl’s website offers a baker’s dozen (naturally!) cocktail recipes for Wedding Cake vodka, such as The Toast (Wedding Cake vodka, rum, sour mix, pineapple juice and Processco) and the Something Old, Something New (Wedding Cake vodka, Domaine de Canton and sour mix).

I chose to keep the cocktail shaker in the liquor cabinet and went for something much more simple: The Drunk Uncle, 2 oz. of Wedding Cake vodka and 4 oz. of root beer, a very vanilla-y cocktail, to be sure.

Your personal drink preferences aside, it’s easy to see how wedding-cake-flavored vodka can be a fun and novel element for the parties and showers en route to the wedding – and the wedding itself – in the form of a signature, bridal-themed cocktail.

Bottled at 70 proof, Pearl Wedding Cake vodka should retail at $12.99 for a 750ml bottle.

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