Peak Performance: Missing a cake topper? Craft one of these simple ideas for major impact for minor effort

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Here, experts share four fabulous ways to crown your towering tiers.

Papel Picado

For a fun twist on the miniature bunting trend that's currently sweeping design blogs, Misty Tamino, founder of the event design and inspiration company Juneberry Lane (, suggests creating a string of festive papel picado, a traditional form of Mexican cut paper folk art. Start by using a decorative craft punch to create a pretty design along the edges of several sheets of colorful paper, and then cut out mini-flags. After using a needle and thread to string the flags, tie each end of the string to a wooden skewer. Keep the thread in place by hiding the knots with small ribbon bows.


Customizing your own bride and groom topper is as easy as purchasing an $18 kit from, says Cathleya Schroeckenstein, editor-in-chief of Each kit contains small wooden people, paint, brushes and instructions for creating a one-of-a-kind topper that you can later display in your home or on your Christmas tree.

Paper Blooms

To make gorgeous faux flowers, first select a unique source of paper, such as pages of your favorite book, copies of your wedding vows or crepe paper that matches your wedding colors, says Tamino. Next, cut out 12 circles from your chosen paper, as well as another circle of the same size from a heavier cardstock. Form "petals" from your 12 paper circles by rolling them between your fingers, and then glue them around the cardstock circle - five on the outside, four in the middle and three in the center. To complete the bloom, fold a thin strip of your paper in half, cut fringe along the top, line the bottom of the strip with glue and roll it around one end of a toothpick. Poke the toothpick through the middle of your petals to secure the flower to the cake.

Shake It Up

Don't have the crafty gene? Schroeckenstein suggests seeking out fabulous salt and pepper shakers at flea markets, kitchen stores or online. Chances are you'll find a set that perfectly suits your personalities.

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