'Tango' Time: The Color of 2012

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For bride looking to jump-start their wedding look, orange is in for 2012.

Pantone, the global color authority recently selected Tangerine Tango as its Color of the Year for 2012. The color is said to provide an energy boost that allows us to refresh and push forward. It is dynamic in its nature and diverse in its use.

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Pantone Color Institute Director Leatrice Eiseman.

According to Pantone, orange has been gaining popularity among designers and consumers for years and is now being used in fashion, design, and cosmetics. It has year-round viability with its vibrancy to match to spring, while still holding on to the elements of its traditionally autumnal hue.

The Color of the Year announcement preceded the recent release of the Pantone Wedding Chiplette from The Dessy Group. Part of the Dessy/Pantone partnership on color-matched bridesmaid dresses and accessories, the chiplette is a compact, 4-inch full color card with built-in QR codes. When a color catches her eye, the bride can simply scan the code and be directed to Dessy.com to browse items and share color choices with her wedding party, in addition to distributing the precise Pantone color and reference number with wedding vendors like florists, caterers, bakers and stationery designer.

For wedding décor, Tangerine Tango can be used to energize interior spaces and add spice and a burst of energy to a room. On the makeup front, it works as an eye shadow color that flatters both green and blue eyes and pairs well with brown, and it also can add flair to the lips, cheeks and nails to attract attention.

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