Smart Shots: Wedding photos, iPhone-style

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Can you shoot a wedding simply using your smartphone? The short answer: Yes!

That’s what Orlando-based photo/video duo Brian Adams and Rainer Flor did when they shot Flor’s November 2010 wedding using only using an iPhone 4 to capture the photos and videos.

“We noticed people were posting decent quality photos and videos from their phones,” Adams says. “We both came up with the idea of shooting the complete wedding.”


Using three total iPhones – two for photo, one for video – the pair’s teams took more than 1,000 photos and nearly 3 hours of video throughout the day. A few consumer-grade add-ons, such as a plug-in battery, lighting and wide-angle lens, were the only modifications they made to the iPhones. The iPhone experiment was just that – an experiment. The iPhone crews were working separate of traditional photo/video crews.

“We did have a failsafe,” says Flor, who also had his engagement photos shot on an iPhone.

“After seeing what [the photos] looked like, [my wife] was completely comfortable when it came to the wedding date,” Flor says.

Image courtesy Brian Adams/Rainer Flor,

As for photo quality, Adams says the look and feel of the iPhone photos is comparable to traditional professional shots, noting that a couple could print a 10-by-10-inch photo book from the photos.


Adams says today’s couples aren’t valuing prints as much, noting one of his recent client couples who did not what any high-resolution image files or prints – just low-res image files that they could share on Facebook.

“What we have done is something for the times,” Adams says. Find more info at

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