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The best accessory for an exquisite wedding gown? A well-dressed groom. If you've already selected the perfect tuxedo or suit for him, it's time to think about the high-impact details.

The Shirt

It's hard to go wrong with white, but sometimes incorporating a colored or patterned shirt into the groom's attire can make for a more fashion-forward look.

For example, Laura Cassidy, editor-in-chief of Seattle Met Bride & Groom, loves a navy gingham check with a black or tan suit for a day or night wedding any time of year. "It's totally traditional, so it won't freak out the older family members," she says, "but it's also really modern, current and easy-to-find."

Cassidy also likes soft floral patterns in muted, creamy colors but advises staying away from stripes, as they tend to look too business-like. For a more novel tuxedo shirt, Rachel Leonard, fashion director for Brides magazine, suggest looking into different pleats or going all pique.


Although the groom's look should compliment the bride's attire, there's frequently too much matching in weddings, says Cassidy. She suggests thinking stylish tone-on-tone, such as layers of various shades of yellow. "A floral tie is also a really great way to bring in color and pattern," says Cassidy.


When it comes to footwear, opt for class over flair. If the wedding is formal and the groom is wearing a tuxedo or dark suit, stick to a black patent or leather lace-up, says Leonard. With a lighter, modern, clean-lined suit, Cassidy likes a rich brown oxford. And if you're having a casual wedding on the beach, Top-Siders, huaraches or bare feet are all fair game, says Leonard.


Socks with fun patterns or colors are a small way to make a great personal statement and show a sense of humor, says Leonard.

And it's an incredibly popular trend in real weddings these days, adds Cassidy. "If it takes a little of the stiff formality out of the day and puts a spring in your step, by all means, do it."

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