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Personalizing your wedding with handmade (and affordable!) details doesn't have to take a lot of time or crafting experience. Here are five easy ways to add unique DIY elements to your big day - minimal assembly required.

Birdcage Veil

According to Katelin Gallagher, senior editor for ProjectWedding.com, all you need to make a chic birdcage veil for less than $20 is two feet of 18-inch Russian veiling, a hair comb, a needle and thread, a ruler and scissors.

First, cut the veiling into a hexagon with one long side (finished) and five shorter sides of equal length (unfinished). Using the needle and thread, start at one unfinished end and sew in and out of the netting's diamond shapes along the perimeter until you reach the other unfinished end. Gather the fabric and sew it to the comb; you can then add embellishments, such as silk blossoms or an heirloom brooch, to the base. Interactive tip: Search for "birdcage veil" on the ProjectWedding.com website to view a helpful how-to slideshow.

Feather Boutonnieres

These fun flower alternatives have a lot of character and can last a lifetime. Sarah Smith, co-founder of the new online bridal magazine It's All In The Details suggests making the project extra-easy by purchasing premade feather picks wrapped in florist tape from the craft store. Next, remove the plastic loop from the bottom of the pick, wrap the base with ribbon, twine or lace to cover the tape, and tie a knot or hot glue the ends to the back to secure. Fasten to your groom with corsage pins.

Vintage Frame Table Numbers

If you're going for a romantic or vintage vibe, these elegant table numbers are the perfect accent for your special day. You'll need an assortment of medium-sized picture frames (check out thrift stores and flea markets), coordinating papers that match your event's color and theme, an assortment of crafty numbers (think wooden, paper or thin, flat metal numbers), scissors, a pencil and glue, says Gallagher. First cut the paper to the size of each frame using the frame's backing as a guide, and then affix a number with glue. You're ready to frame as soon as it's dry.

Tulle Poufs

Begin by buying a spool or two of 6-inch-wide tulle, available in myriad colors at fabric stores and online. Next, sew a running stitch up the side of a piece three yards in length, says Smith, and then pull the thread and tie it off to cinch the fabric into a pouf. Attach multiple poufs to ribbon, yarn or seam binding to create a garland, or attach each to its own ribbon and hang.

Spice-It-Up Favors

For a favor guests are sure to appreciate this summer, Smith recommends filling small spice tins (available at department stores or on Etsy or Amazon) with barbecue spice rub. Create custom labels with the ingredients and a thank you - use sticker-back printer paper and a large, round hole punch to fit it to the top of the tin.

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