Subtle hues and variations of white accentuate the modern gown

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That traditional white wedding dress might be anything but so, as more brides look to non-white variations, from off-white colors like ivory, champagne and diamond white to complete non-white colors like blush, peach or charcoal gray.

Whether it’s the full-on dress or just the trim, a belt or a floral appliqué on the dress, adding a color or different shade or tint of white on a wedding dress creates an illusion and “adds a certain amount of texture,” says John Amato, national sales manager at Mon Cheri, the bridal and special occasion dress company.

Oftentimes, brides won’t notice they’re in a not-quite-white dress. Designers, though, are very aware of the new bridal fashion. Oscar de la Renta’s spring collection features a bridal dress with a green silk taffeta skirt, a strapless mini in pink tweed, and a glittery navy tulle ball gown. Vera Wang’s 2011 Spring-Summer collection features “Easter egg” hues like lavender, blush, rose and silver-gray

Mon Cheri has bridal dresses in non-white colors – such as pink, gold, silver, ivory and beige, and Amato cites icy colors, as well as white and ivory tones among his top suggestions. However, not all styles in all colors are possible. “There’s a limited selection in color,” Amato says. “It depends on the fabric.”

One of the prettiest ways to add a touch of color to a dress is on the trim or the lace of the gown, Amato says. Too much color, though, can distract from the elegant details. He says to not use too much color because the dress will loose vibrancy and richness. “If there’s too much color, it’ll take away from her dress,” he says.

Some brides, though, may want more than just a touch of color on their wedding dresses. “We’ve made red, black and pink wedding dresses.” Amato says. “It’s for more fashion forward brides. When she wants to make a statement.”

For inventive, colorful ideas, Amato suggests coordinating colors with the bridesmaids by having dress embellishments complement their bridesmaids’ dresses. Brides nowadays match the color of their bridal shoes with the color of the dresses of their bridesmaids, Amato says. But, “there are no set rules,” he says. “There’s no right and wrong.”

“Non-white” gowns might seem like their upending traditional fashion and notions, but for the bride, it’s all about the stylish look on her big day.

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