Beyond the Bouquet: Five ways to give your wedding flowers a little extra meaning and flair

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If you’ll only be holding your bridal bouquet for a few minutes, why not make the moment truly memorable by embellishing your bundle of blooms with something more creative than just the standard ribbon? Here are five ways to make your posy really pop.

1. For a touch of sentiment (and old-fashioned glamour), pin your grandmother’s vintage brooch to the bouquet’s ribbon. “It’s a beautiful, personal way to do ‘something old,’” says Amy Maclin, the deputy editor for Real Simple Weddings. You can also accent your stems with a significant bracelet or pair of earrings, or, if you have a fabulous old charm or locket, simply attach it to a stunning chain and tie the necklace around a base of neutral ribbon, adds Lisi Korn, owner of Forever Events, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

2. Wrap a grandparent’s handkerchief around the stems of your bouquet and secure it with a pretty corsage pin, available at floral and craft stores, Maclin says.

3. Korn suggests selecting a favorite photograph (e.g. you and your spouse-to-be or a family member that is no longer with you) and having it printed on fabric that can take the place of the ribbon. To ensure the colors are a good match for your flowers, gown and wedding theme, you can first have the picture edited into a piece of pop art.

4. For the playful bride, Maclin advises getting off to a sweet start by encircling the bouquet with cheerful dot candy. Wrap the stems tightly with floral tape and then wrap a band of dot candy on top of the tape near where the blossoms start – this way, there’s still room to grasp the bouquet without walking down the aisle with a sticky mess.

5. Create some bridal bouquet bling with a string of crafting crystals. Maclin likes Crystazzi’s numerous hues and sizes, available at Michaels stores.

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