And Now: The Dress

When people ask me when I'm getting married and I say July 2nd, they look at me like I should be doing something besides talking to every minute of your time that you're not working should be spent on the wedding.

To that I say, not true.

Weddings are only as stressful as you make them. If you want something large and elaborate, then yes. Your wedding will be your second job. I believe strongly that if the bride and groom are happy and comfortable on their big day, then the guests will have fun too. If your guests sense that you are in a bad mood because your hair isn't perfect, your manicure smudged or the florist botched the table arrangements, don't expect them to stay past 10.

I'm a big procrastinator, which is why I think I deserve some credit for getting a jump on things this time. We already have the venue, the bridesmaids dresses, the florist, the photographer, and now: The Dress. And trust me, it deserves capital letters. The designer is Maggie Sottero. I first found her on the blog (Go here if you need recommendations on...anything.)

They linked to a website called, where you can dresses. I know, self explanatory; but also genuis. Some of these dresses still had the tags on them and were being sold for hundreds of dollars less than what you would pay at a boutique. Of course, the one I wanted was sold -- but my soon to be sister-in-law made a phone call to a boutique in Jersey and bam! I made the down payment and the dress is mine. At the very least, this website can give you great ideas so you know what you're looking for.

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