Two Years and Still Counting...

Today Jamie and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary, and I can't help but feel a little nostalgic about it all. This morning he appeared on the Fox CT Morning News with reporter Tom Lewis to talk about the NCAA brackets and his prediction for the Final Four. Two years ago, that is exactly how we met.
I was reporting at the capitol, and I could see the show in the live truck. They brought some guy named Jamie Bosworth on, to talk "bracketology" with Rachel and Logan. He caught my eye for a lot of reasons. He was young, well dressed, tall, handsome, and obviously sports savvy. But like anything else, I got distracted and moved on. Soon I got two phone calls, one after another, from both of my producers: "Oh my God Jenn, you have to meet this guy. He's perfect for you. He's successful, good looking and single! We told him all about you so you're having breakfast with him when you get back." I immediately spit out my bagel. The last man I was set up with still had a wife. He was going through a divorce and fighting over custody of their dog, who he let sleep in his bed every night. (Man's best friend? I started to wonder). We got back to the station, and I ran into Jamie in the hallway. I remember what it felt like to shake his hand. His was warm, mine was soaked in flop sweat. He said he was heading down to the diner, and that he couldn't stay long. I thought to myself that he was a lot more handsome in person. By the end of breakfast he told me he was new to the area (a lie) and asked if I knew of anywhere fun to go in Hartford. It didn't occur to me that he was asking me on a date-- instead I was going through a mental catalogue of all of the times I've gone out in downtown Hartford, and the percentage of those nights that ended in walking past either a street fight or a double shooting. "I do the morning show so I don't usually go out." We were laughing about it two nights later at a restaurant in West Hartford...and we still laugh two years later.

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