Hey, readers: Tell me where to go

Judging from reader emails, my 2003 Ford Mustang might be more popular than I am.

The unofficial car of the Postcards From Florida column has received plenty of praise for its supporting role in road trips such as a recent excursion on the historic Fort Gates Ferry, a no-frills travel option across the St. Johns River from Crescent City to the Ocala National Forest since 1853.

"Once you have had the best, why settle for anything else?" writes Dolores of Altamonte Springs, a lifelong Mustang owner. "I'm writing to you to let you know you are not the only one with a 'vintage' Mustang."

As usual, my emails also include helpful ideas for future trips or gentle admonitions about attractions I've missed. Another reader pointed out that there's interesting Florida history not far from the Fort Gates Ferry in Crescent City, a tiny destination about 15 miles north of Volusia County fern country in Pierson.

"Hopefully on this trip you visited the site of Battle of Braddock's Farm," writes Isobel Carroll of Melbourne. "Google it … great story … South won!!"

A recent reference to the Elliott Museum in Stuart inspired Fawn B. Reiner Allen to take me to task for not including a mention of the nearby Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, another Treasure Coast destination.

"I think you missed the boat, literally, by not including a Memorial Day weekend mention of The Navy SEAL Museum," Allen writes. The museum is "a real eye-opener for all ages. I had no idea of the vital importance the Navy SEALS in our history, nor that they were created out of the tragedy of the attack on Pearl Harbor. … I highly recommend a jaunt to Fort Pierce for this, followed by a pint at the local micro-brewery, Sailfish Brewing Company."

Thanks, Fawn. It's now on my list. And you get extra points for incorporating beer into your pitch.

Speaking of beer, an email from a PR flak offered a fine idea for a beer-centric road trip. The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Beer Trail from Tarpon Springs to Treasure Island is a driving route that features tours and meet-and-greets with brewers at an array of independent breweries. It's Florida's answer to California wine country.

All I need is a designated driver.

Of course, I'm open to other suggestions, especially for quirky old-school attractions or diversions in Florida's Panhandle.

So please, tell me where to go.

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