Daytrippers: Zorb And Tubing At Woodbury Ski Area



The hills are alive at the Woodbury Ski Area where you don’t need snow to find fast company. True, there are about 76 degrees of separation between January and July but the sensation is the same, downhill tubing in the warm weather is on the upswing on the Litchfield County ski slopes. “It’s so popular here in the wintertime, so, we said, why not just have it year round for us, so that’s what we’re trying to do,” said Rod Taylor, owner of the Woodbury Ski Area. The tubes are the same, the terrain is aided by an artificial turf-like silicone material, “speed wise I’d say they’re about the same,” Taylor added.

But there are more objects going downhill fast in Woodbury, all you have to do is follow the bouncing ball. Out of the box but inside the bubble, visitors are coming for what is known as “Zorbing”. Zorb balls (aka Zorba Balls) are a New Zealand import now making their rounds in America. Twelve feet in circumference, the transparent plastic orbs have those brave enough to strap inside, literally on a roll. Taylor explains, “You’re going to get inside that plastic ball and we’re going to strap you in and we’re going to roll you down the mountain, you don’t even know where you are when you are in this thing.” Bravery comes with the territory for New Britain firefighter Tracy Bacchus who jumped in the Zorb to experience the 45 seconds of head over heels thrills, “it was a little weird at first going down but it was awesome being bounced around,.” he said. Bacchus’s 17 year old daughter Shanice expounded, “it was nuts, I can’t believe I did that!” The baseball term “see the ball, be the ball” is, perhaps, more fitting at Woodbury, Taylor said, “it’s definitely an experience you’ll never forget.”

The Woodbury Ski Area is located at 785 Washington Rd, Woodbury, Ct. Two hours of summer tubing costs $25, A Zorb ride also costs $25, package deals for both are available. Zorbing and Tubing will be open year round, for hours and more information call 203-263-2203 or click


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