Bouncing Around At The Trampoline Place In Plainfield


If the kids are bouncing off the walls at home, it's just a short hop to the Trampoline Place in Plainfield, where, as owner Bill Young puts it, "the joint is always jumping." Even in this up-and-down economy, the business of bounce has been steady for Young whose 6,800-square-foot facility opened in 1997.

The Trampoline Place, which has 10 elevated trampolines, is open to everyone. Generally, visitors pay by the session ($10) which usually run about 90 minutes to two hours. Young offers plenty of classes for beginners and also works with some of the area?s top competitors. "It's sort of a forgotten art form," Young said. "Most people love it at first bounce. Once you start doing it, you start to learn that there are things you can do on the trampoline and you can learn about your body as it flies through time and space."

The coiled spring and polypropylene string trampolines promise high-flying adventure -- single flips, double flips, and triples with a twist can be learned. Spotters and safety belts are always within reach. Steve Kuchta, is a PhD candidate at UConn teaching Micro Economics, spends his spare time at the Trampoline Place defying physics. "There is always a progression, if there is a trick you want to learn, there is a way to get there, so you can spend your whole day learning a trick and building to the next one," Kuchta said.

Rebecca Douglas, from Canterbury, is no longer on the sidelines -- she's taken the leap with her family, "Bring your shorts and your t-shirts and join in with your kids," she said. Young added, "you feel free and man has always had a quest to fly -- this is one of the answers."

The Trampoline Place is located at 275 Putnam Road in Plainfield. Call ahead to reserve time or to find out about lessons. Groups are encouraged. For more information call 860-779-7999 or go to


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