Roller Rinks Are Back!


Remember those Saturday afternoons when you were a preteen? All of those birthday parties where you spent countless hours gliding around a glossy speedway? Well, what's old is new again in Groton, thanks to Galaxy Roller Rink.

"70's, 80's, the disco era, roller skating was a lot bigger than today," says owner Matt Longino. But, he hopes to prove to the public that roller skating is still a fun sport and that rinks are great places for bonding. "It's cheap, family entertainment," he says. Visitors can still rent the eight wheeled, traditional lace up skates, but, like everything else, the landscape is changing. More than half the people who visit this large space are wearing roller blades.

But, there are the mainstays, too. The flashing lights, the video games and the tunes are just as you remember! "Wednesdays are our 70's, 80's music nights," says Longino. "Friday night is our top 40 music night." Saturdays and Sundays are geared to the children. "The younger kids tend to try to walk with the skates," laughs Longino, noting that there are always a fair amount of big spills! "I'm not very good," says little Emma Wichael of Bolton. "I don't feel steady!" The experts at Galaxy do offer skating and blading lessons for an additional fee.

While they used to be plentiful in New England, there aren't that many old-fashioned roller rinks around anymore. "Yeah, there's about 3 or 4 of them in the state of Connecticut," says Longino. "They're all probably 35-40 miles apart."

So, go ahead! Take a spin! Don't be afraid to show off your moves! Retro is all the rage!

Galaxy Roller Rink is located on Bridge Street in Groton. The rink is offering special hours for April Vacation fun! Skate Monday the 18th through Friday the 22nd from noon to 3pm for $6.00 per person. Roller skates cost an additional $2.00 per pair and rollerblades cost an additional $4.00 per pair. Log ontoGalaxy Roller Rink for more information.

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