Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park in Portland


If it's possible to have the summer doldrums, there is a perfect place to cure your boredom! Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park in Portland is literally chock full of warm weather activities. Kayaking, scuba diving, wake boarding and zip lining are just the beginning! Visitors can scale multiple rock walls, careen down a super fast water slide and soar off of two cliff jumps. Have you ever heard of a super duper launching mechanism called "The Blob"? Check it out and fly through the air with the greatest of ease!

This adventure arena is the reinvention of the Brownstone Quarry which is a National Historic Landmark. It was the largest quarry of it's kind in the world, supplying materials for buildings in Boston, New York and Washington DC. Co-owner Sean Hayes brought this site back to life after it had been an illegal swimming spot for years. Along with his brother, Hayes tapped into his childhood memories to create a place with activities he once enjoyed. This is the fourth operating summer and "We keep adding sports," he says.

The park is situated just over the Portland Bridge from Middletown in a somewhat unexpected area. "When you're inside, " adds Hayes, "the industry goes away and you step back in time."

Hayes says, leave the small children at home. This experience is for age 8 and above. "This is for the adults and their teenagers. Finally there is something that will take teens out from behind their computers!"

Brownstone is all about physical activity and every thrill requires work. In order to enjoy the zip line, visitors must work their muscles on a rock wall. The mission? To exhaust you! Hayes smiles, "That's what we're going for!"

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