Swan Boats in Boston


I grew up outside out Boston...so, riding the Swan Boats in April always meant that spring had finally sprung! Last summer, I introduced my boys to this Cody family tradition. On the way home, I thought, "This must become a DayTrip!" So, our journey began....

This past week, we strolled into the Public Garden on a stunningly gorgeous morning. The water on the lagoon was shimmering. Color seemed to be everywhere with all sorts of spring trees and flowers in full bloom. As always, the park was bustling....and there, in the center of everything, glided the Swan Boats...looking so unique and picturesque. Boston is a special place.

Lyn Paget currently owns the Swan Boat fleet, along with some other cousins and relatives. The history of the man-powered catamarans is really quite remarkable. Paget's great-grandfather came up with the concept in the late 1870's and the business has remained within the family ever since.

In this techno-crazy world, the Swan Boats have remained exactly the same. So, it's an experience that a grandparent can share with a grandchild and say, "This is just what I did when I was a kid!" There aren't many of those experiences left in our society. The simplicity of the entire excursion was really refreshing...even touching.

Riding the Swan Boats also brings a famous story to life. "Make Way For Ducklings" took place in the Public Garden...and children everywhere, including my own, were shouting out, "There's Mr. Mallard! I see their island!" Lovely.

Boston is just a stone's throw away! So, go ahead! Enjoy one of New England's purest pleasures! Take a leisurely and literary tour of a gorgeous garden in the spring!

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