Daytrippers: Extreme Zip Line


In an increasingly wireless world, what’s so bad about staying wired? The Berkshire East Ski Area in Charlemont, Mass is betting that being wired will make them an all season attraction. The ski mountain has just launched three different zip line adventures and the “Valley Jump Tour” takes the experience to another level altogether. “We wanted to be different,” said Christopher Loftus, Berkshire East’s Marketing Director. “Because of the topography of the local area, we had the opportunity to zip across a valley to another mountain peak so we put in two of the largest zip lines in North America.”


After a quick lift ride to the top, the able Berkshire East guides get you in gear and then it’s, mostly, downhill from here. There are six zips on the trip, each one just a bit more exciting than the last. After the fourth zip, there is a formidable hike and then the “X-Factor” awaits.  The X-1 and X-2 lines are why people come to Berkshire East. The unforgettable X-1 ride is 2100 feet across the canyon; it takes you 135 feet in the air at speeds reaching 55 miles per hour. There is much trepidation at first, but, once you launch, its pure exhilaration.  Jenny Gross, from Wendell, Mass said, “it was absolutely gorgeous to see the hill towns that we drive through so often and to see it from above and see the valley, it was just phenomenal and what a time of year to do it.” Loftus added, “They will discover one of the more amazing adventures in their lifetime.”


The Berkshire East Ski Area is located at 66 Thunder Mt. Road in Charlemont, Massachusetts about 1 hour 40 minutes from Hartford. The 3 hour Valley Jump Tour is $110 dollars for adults and $100 for kids 12-17. For zip trips a bit more down to earth, they also offer the  Base Area Tour,  its one hour and costs $30 for adults, $25 for kids 8-17. There are weight restrictions, so to find out all you need to know, click on or call 413-339-6618

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