Explore Another Side Of Boston By Kayak On The Charles

Fox CT

It is a scenic ride on the river where you do the paddling.

The meeting point is Cambridge, Mass. Charles River Canoe and Kayak provides the boats and the guides, and guests of all experience levels can enjoy the tour.

It is an entirely different way to see the city.

"You’re the paddler," said Larry Smith the owner of Charles River Canoe and Kayak. "You get to both experience the environment from the river and see things you don't see from the land."

The Longfellow Bridge, the picturesque Esplanade and the Boston skyline are all sights to take in as you take out a few calories while paddling along the Charles.

"There is a lot to see, and Boston is an exciting city," Smith added.

Charles River Canoe and Kayak has five rental locations in and around the Boston area.  They offer an array  of canoe and kayak tours of the Charles River and Boston Harbor. The 2-hour skyline tour costs $49. It's $45 for kids ages 8-15. For more information, click here to visit PaddleBoston.com.

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