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Fenway Park

Jeter Retires From Baseball, Writes Children's Book

Jeter Retires From Baseball, Writes Children's Book

As a Boston girl, I'm a Red Sox fan, through and through.

But, my father-in-law is all about the Bronx Bombers, so, we recently had a meeting of the minds: a family get-together at Fenway Park in Boston for Derek Jeter's last baseball game.

As a mom of an 11 year old who loves sports, I have to say, I get extremely frustrated that high-paid athletes don't take their positions as "role models" more seriously.  My son can't turn on ESPN without hearing about the latest controversy, involving drugs or violence, ie: the Ray Rice scandal.

But, Jeter is a gentleman.  An earnest, hard worker, he always played the game with quiet confidence, showing respect...