Babe Ruth

Daytrippers: Touring Fenway Park

Daytrippers: Touring Fenway Park

On Yawkey Way in Boston, the pitch is simple: Come to Fenway Park and see baseball history.

Babe Ruth played here. (Just ask a Red Sox fan about “The Curse of the Bambino.”) So did Ted Williams and Jimmie Foxx, Smoky Joe Wood, Johnny Pesky, Jim Lonborg, Carlton Fisk and, more recently, a collection of “self-styled idiots”.

It hasn’t always been pretty. But the Red Sox have won two World Series in the past decade, ending The Curse, and the creaky, crumbling park has been revitalized by new management.

It’s the old, and new, Fenway that attracts hundreds of visitors each day for a tour that starts at the venerable souvenir store across from the ballpark’s...