After two years of pain and heartbreak, Africa declared free of Ebola

Marian Bah lost a child and husband to Ebola and was so shunned by her family and community in Monrovia, the Liberian capital, she said, that “I wanted to kill myself.”

Agnes Saybeh has been left alone with the three orphaned children of her sister, who died of the disease, and a child of her own. But there’s no money coming in from her work selling goods on the street.

“I lost seven persons in my family to the Ebola and since I haven’t been myself. It is a burden to take of these children,” said Saybeh, a single mother.

Stephen Kpoto lost his parents and one brother to the disease. Now he’s left with nine children to feed. Kpoto, 31, had to take a break from his college...