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'Backstrom' a welcome return for 'The Office's' Rainn Wilson

'Backstrom' a welcome return for 'The Office's' Rainn Wilson

"Backstrom," which premieres Thursday on Fox, is Rainn Wilson's way back to television, some 16 months after the end of "The Office." It is good to see him, and all in all, good to see him here.

In some ways, Wilson hasn't fallen far from the tree where last he sat. Fans, relax: He's not playing some suburban dad or warmhearted high school teacher — though he could.

Like Dwight Schrute did, the eponymous Portland, Ore., police detective Wilson plays in "Backstrom" views the world as if from a bunker he carries around with him. Both are intense, irascible, angry, antisocial (yet somehow needy) characters who see the world with reflexive...