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The Good Wife (tv program)

'The Good Wife' recap: Everything old is new again

'The Good Wife' recap: Everything old is new again

Welcome back, Good Wife-ers! It's been three weeks since the previous episode, and with only two more before the series finale, things are ramping up. Yet this episode doesn't end with a cliffhanger so much as a "duh."

Alicia has to leave Jason, again comfortable in his underwear at her apartment (he clearly has a key), while she and Lucca fly to Toronto to help Jeff Dellinger (Zach Woods). You may recall, Jeff is the "C-list Edward Snowden," a National Security Agency agent who got in trouble for whistle-blowing. After traveling abroad (hiding from the NSA), he's now at the Toronto airport, headed to Arizona for his mother's funeral (as if things aren't...