Portia Doubleday

Review: 'Carrie' hasn't evolved much since 1976

"Carrie," the horror cult classic based on novelist Stephen King's great girl roar against bullies, body, religion and mom, is back on the big screen with more teen trauma than ever and a new party dress for the prom.

And yet….

Directed by "Boys Don't Cry's" Kimberly Peirce and starring an excellent Chloë Grace Moretz with a truly troubling Julianne Moore as Mama, "Carrie" should have delivered more with the material in the filmmaker's feminist hands.

Instead, Peirce has done a remaking rather than a reimagining. Echoes of the 1976 original, the Brian De Palma-Sissy Spacek-Piper Laurie tirade that first rocked the cradle,...