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The Amazing Spider-Man (movie)

Johnny Marr: 'I like being upfront'

Johnny Marr: 'I like being upfront'

This is a partial list of the artists with whom guitarist Johnny Marr has worked since his old band the Smiths dissolved in 1987: The supergroup Electronic, The The (he was a member), the Pretenders (he was briefly a member), Beck, David Byrne, The Cribs, Hans Zimmer (on scores for "Inception" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2") and Modest Mouse, for whom he moved to Portland, Ore., for a few years, before returning to his native Manchester, England.

A guitarist of great skill and humor once yoked to Morrissey, a difficult and charismatic frontman, Marr is — at least for people of a certain age — Keith Richards' college rock analog, if Richards were a vegan...