U.S. Department of Commerce

Billions In Wheat Exports From Stamford? It's True!

If you saw the press release from the U.S. Department of Commerce on exports Wednesday, you would think the Bridgeport-Stamford metro area had a great year in 2013 — $11.1 billion in shipments to foreign countries.

That would rank Bridgeport-Stamford at No. 30 among all U.S. metro areas, with a hefty 7 percent growth from 2012.

Metro Hartford also appears to rank high in exports, with $10.2 billion in shipments in 2013, up 4.9 percent, earning it the No. 33 spot in the nation.

And what was the top export in Bridgeport-Stamford? Crops, by far, at $2.8 billion, followed by chemicals at $1.9 billion. Oil and gas added $769 million to the total.

Huh? Either they grow...