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Speakers Bureau

The Hartford Courant Speakers Bureau provides speakers, free of charge, to groups and schools in the community. Please read the guidelines below, and if you'd like to request a speaker, fill out and submit the attached

Speakers Bureau Request Form

To obtain a print form, call The Courant's Corporate Affairs department at (860) 241-3962.


  • Submit your Speakers Bureau Request Form no less than four weeks but no more than three months before your event.
  • Have at least 20 in attendance at your function.
  • Groups are limited to one Courant speaker per year. Schools are allowed two speakers per year (grades 4 and up only).
  • Courant speakers are prohibited from accepting payment from your group. However, donations to Camp Courant are always welcome and can be sent to Camp Courant, 285 Broad Street, Hartford, CT 06115. Phone: (860) 241-3674.
  • All Speakers Bureau requests must be approved in advance by The Hartford Courant.

On the request form, please be as specific as possible about the topic you'd like discussed. If you have a particular speaker in mind, please write that person's name next to your topic choice. We suggest reading through the newspaper to familiarize yourself with The Courant's reporters and columnists and their subject areas. Keep in mind that not all Courant staff members participate in Speakers Bureau. For suggested topics that might be of interest to your group, see the attached TOPIC LIST.

Thank you for your interest in The Hartford Courant Speakers Bureau. After we receive your request form, we will contact you.

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