Dennis Rodman chokes up over Jerry Buss on 'The Tonight Show'

Dennis Rodman has plenty of faults, but being out of touch with his emotions surely isn't one of them.

In an appearance on "The Tonight Show" Monday to promote the upcoming season of "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice," the former Chicago Bull was overcome with grief over the death of Lakers owner Jerry Buss and, well, a few other things.

A few minutes into the interview, Rodman joked that many people are surprised to learn that he's still alive, despite his troubles with alcohol. "You look very much alive. You don't look dead at all," Jay Leno joked, awkwardly segueing to the subject of Buss' death.

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"Not to bring you down, but this is kind of a sad day because Dr. Jerry Buss died," he said. "You were close with him, right?"

"He's like my dad. Damn man, it’s like, wow," Rodman replied, growing visibly upset. After rejecting Leno's offer of a tissue, he struggled to find the words to express the loss. "I didn’t want to bring this up, you know. He’s just ... like a dad. I never had a dad so -- what the hell. It's just awesome, man. "

"I think that’s nice," Leno said, giving Rodman a pat on his brightly clad shoulder.

From there, the host wisely moved on to less emotionally fraught territory, asking what Rodman what he thinks happened to the Lakers. Nevertheless, the former "Celebrity Rehab" cast member couldn't quite hold back the tears.

"It's a different era. I think Kobe has done his job. He's a great guy, his kids play with my kids, and my daughter is here. I'm so blessed that she's here," he said, choking up once again.


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