Report: Injury almost cost Broncos' Rahim Moore his leg

Sam Farmer
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Former UCLA standout tells Sports Illustrated a 13-inch scar on his left leg could have been much, much worse

Denver Broncos safety Rahim Moore is not only lucky to be playing football but also lucky to still have two legs.

In a terrific story by Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, Moore, a former UCLA standout, reveals the story behind the 13-inch scar that runs down his left calf, and the acute compartment syndrome he suffered last season that could have led to amputation.

In the story, King writes, "Cases like Moore’s — acute compartment syndrome with no broken bone — are rare, and timing is always of the essence. Almost immediately, doctors performed a needle test to gauge the pressure, which left no doubt that compartment syndrome was besieging his leg. Doctors told Moore that had he waited to come in until noon on Monday, they would have had to amputate. Any longer than that, he could have died.

"Moore simply told them, 'You are not cutting my leg off. That’s not happening.' " 

Moore, who bounced back from a coverage blunder that cost the Broncos a playoff victory over Baltimore two years ago, is back to full strength and a key component in a Denver defense looking to come back strong after being shredded by Seattle in the Super Bowl.

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