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Searching property records information

Recent transactions On, you can search adatabase of recent home and condo sales in Broward and Palm Beachcounties. You can search by address, city, zip code and type ofhousing and you can also specify whether you're looking forproperty on the water, with a pool or on a golf course. Real estatetransactions that appear in the print edition also come from thisdatabase, which is collected from government sources byTransAmerica Intellitech. Transactions occurred within the last twoto three months. home sales database

All real estate transactions In South Florida counties,property records at the property appraiser's office are also available online. These records go back further, but often are not as current as the Sun-Sentinel database referenced above.

Here are links to the property appraiser sites:

  • Broward County Property Appraiser
  • Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
  • Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser When using these property appraiser's sites, you can search records in several ways. Keep in mind if you search by street address, you have to enter the street address in the precise way that the appraiser's office does, including how and what they abbreviate. It is often easier to search by an owner's name. Keep in mind, these are government Web sites, and like everything else on the Internet, sometimes they just don't work. You can try again later, and report your difficulties on the webmaster or feedback buttons on each site. ( is providing these links, but we can't do anything about the performance of these Web sites.)
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