Defining 'craft' in Wynwood

These days, even the most common beers and spirits can be mislabeled as "craft."

Jennifer Massolo wants that to end.

"I was noticing there was this gray area when it came to craft projects," says Massolo, who created Craft: Spirits and Beer, a three-day program in Wynwood that aims to educate folks on what "craft" really means. It will take place Friday through Sunday at Soho Studios, 2136 NW First Ave., in Miami.

It doesn't count, she says, if a brewer or distiller outsources its production or if it produces a large number of cases.

For her, "craft" is not simply about quality, but about sourcing, from "farm to flask or grain to glass."

Massolo is a veteran in the spirits business, and founded the female drinking collective Spirited Sirens. She's worked as the executive director of the Miami International Wine Fair, and with Remy Martin and wine producer Vina Concha y Toro.

Starting today through Sunday, the program lineup will include industry experts such as whiskey distiller Chip Tate and local distillers such as Michael's Genuine Home Brew and Miami Club Rum.

"In this industry, there is a lot of small businesses that say they are 'craft' distillers," says Kent Fleischmann, owner of the Washington distillery Dry Fly Distilling, which is part of the upcoming program. "There's only a good handful of us that make everything we sell and are a true farm-to-bottle scenario."

For more information on Craft, go to Admission to the individual events varies. or @marianliu

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