5 iPhone apps to make the holidays a breeze

Holiday madness is coming, but this year you're armed: Your iPhone and a few convenient applications will help you get through the dark days ahead and keep you on top of everything — including your sanity. Check the iTunes App Store for these goodies:

Track your gift lists

Better Christmas List ($1.99)

Organize and budget your spending, and see who still needs a gift, whose gift has been wrapped and more. Even use previous gifts to inspire you to get a wonderfully wow-full gift for someone else. Not as clean as the Gifts HD app, but that's for iPad only.

Scan bar codes for bargains

Pic2Shop (Free)

In a store and see a great gift idea? Take a picture of its bar code and Pic2Shop will find it in every available size, color and price in stores near you and online. No more overpaying for gifts.

Tell your phone how to help you

Vlingo (Free)

Shopping won't stop you from updating your Facebook status, texting friends. Say "Update Facebook," or "Text Mia" or "Send e-mail to Pete," and Vlingo will do your bidding. It's the holidays: Who has time to type?

Plan your meals and grocery lists

Martha's Everyday Food Fresh & Easy Recipes (99 cents)

You've got your holiday feast planned, but what about every other dinner? This app makes grocery shopping and meal planning a cinch.

Get rid of holiday pounds

WalkJogRun Running app ($2.99)

If you can't get to the gym, this app will use your current location to find nearby walking/jogging/running routes that other users have timed for you and rated for their difficulty.


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